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Bliing : Power in Possibilities

Conceived by Singaporean duo Alex Cheng and GC Lek in 2013, Bliing began as a childhood observation. “Our mothers owned an extensive earring collection. Every time they bought a new outfit, they bought new earrings to match too,” says Alex with a laugh. “I thought, how expensive and how troublesome!”

So with Bliing, which they founded in 2013 after a course at the Gemological Institute of America, the childhood chums decided to offer jewellery that made women feel beautiful but also powerful. By mixing and matching studs and drops, customers can create different earrings to suit different looks.

The Idea

“It seemed to us a very straightforward idea. As men, we stick to a few T-shirts and trousers in basic colours, which we mix and match to create different combinations. It’s practical, it’s fun, and it’s personal.”

Pushing Boundaries with their Passion

Alex and Lek aren’t schooled in jewellery design – they gave up careers in law and education respectively to set up Bliing – but their creations reflect a shared passion for gems, art and craftsmanship. At Bliing, pieces must go beyond innovative design; they must also pair well with those from other collections. Several iterations are usually required before each piece is produced. As Lek shares, “We have to constantly push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Sometimes, the safest looks fell flat. Sometimes, the most offbeat ones flew. Like our customers, we enjoyed the discovery and experimentation too.”

Made in Singapore, eyes on the globe

In an environment as diverse as Singapore, Alex and Lek also dig deeply into the myriad sources of inspiration: East vs West, nostalgic vs new, nature vs technology, in addition to the different cultural influences. But it is all this that both believe makes Bliing creations both interesting and interactive. Jewellery, they assert, should not only complement your look but also express your taste and aspirations. “Bliing may not be able to flaunt the historical pedigree of Place Vendome or the sophisticated glamour of Fifth Avenue,” they say. “But we have a simple idea that will work well for you.”

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