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Our Materials

18K Gold / Rose Gold

Pure gold (24K gold) is too soft to be made into jewellery. Hence some other elements are added to strengthen the gold while retaining the lustre. Jewellery in 18K gold is essentially full solid gold that is 75% gold mixed with other elements. In white gold, platinum is added while rose gold's unique pink colour is a result of the added copper element.

Sterling Silver

Similarly pure silver is too soft a material for jewellery and so the popular 925 Silver or Sterling Silver is created. It consists of 92.5% silver with the remaining 7.5% other elements, such as copper, to strengthen it.


Pearls are the only gems that are nurtured from a living mollusk. That can only happen with great care and love in keeping these gentle creatures. The four main types of pearls. The Akoya Pearls from Japan are known for the mirror like lustre. The South Sea Pearls from Australia or Philippine with colours ranging from white to gold have satiny lustre. The Tahitian Pearls from French Polynesia with their metallic colours capture every colour of the rainbow in their overtones. The Chinese Freshwater Pearls have the widest range of sizes with colours ranging from white to peach to lavender.

Semi-Precious Stones

In the world of gems, there is the Big Four, diamonds, emeralds, sapphire and rubies. All other gemstones are considered semi-precious in the trade. In our eyes, each gem is a unique beauty on its own and is well celebrated in Bliing. From the range of colours in sapphires to the artistic lines and matrices in the jasper, all the gems are beautiful the way they are.

Discover The One

Walk through our collections and discover your gem.


Discover The One

Walk through our collections and discover your gem.

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